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Fashion does not need to be expensive

Silver Rings
Fraction Of The Cost

Not cheap but very affordable, investment that last

Gold Rings

Premium Luxury

Luxury jewelry is not exclusive for a certain group of people, we made it for everyone who loves to elevate their kind of fashion to express themselves as a impression of elegance with a class.

Made with Integrity

From metal material to gemstone, quality comes first. Check out why we do it.

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Gold Collection

Genuine karat gold metals with authentic gemstones

Topaz Moissanite Gold Ring - Highness
Topaz Moissanite Ring - Highness
  • From $179.95
Moonstone Rose Gold Ring - Purity
Moonstone Ring - Purity
  • $55.95
Moissanite Gold Ring - Princess
Moissanite Ring - Princess
  • From $225.95
Moissanite Gold Ring - Bride
Moissanite Ring - Bride
  • $285.95

Extraordinary Beautiful

Match your outfit with these gorgeous jewelry. Making it perfectly fashionable.

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Limited Edition

Perfect gift for your loved ones. Guaranteed high quality material.

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Every purchase helps us provide support

to those children in need. 

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Silver Collection

Genuine sterling silver metals with authentic gemstones

Zircon Silver Ring - Promises
Zircon Ring - Promises
  • $44.95
Emerald Silver Ring - Bliss
Emerald Ring - Bliss
  • $34.95
Paraiba Tourmaline Silver Ring - Heir
Paraiba Tourmaline Ring - Heir
  • $40.95
Zultanite Silver Ring - Eternity
Zultanite Ring - Eternity
  • $39.95