Our story


    Xandrea collects a unique, fashionable, luxurious design with premium-grade metals and sold for a fraction of price. We manually and meticulously check each jewellery piece for quality assurance. Every piece is handcrafted to ensure each detail and durability. We also conduct a chemical analysis test to check the authenticity and purity of the materials used.


     Xandrea is a web-based e-commerce company who envisions to become a centre of customers satisfaction by providing premium quality products at a reasonable price and great customer support service. We also aim to be globally competitive in other businesses.

Xandrea Empowered Women

Xandrea empower women to be confident with herself and having a jewelry doesn't need to be expensive. It adds a detail to yourself on how fashion boost your creativity to be more confident. It also remind ourselves that it is okay to reward yourself after all the hardship we fought everyday.


 For questions, concerns, feedback and collaboration, email us at support@xandreapremium.com and we are glad to assist you all the way.