At Xandrea Premium, we treat our customers like extended family.

If you're happy, we're happy.

From craftsmanship to marketing, we strive to incorporate this philosophy into every aspect of our business, including our warranty policy.

If you are the original purchaser of Xandrea Premium jewelries and there is a manufacturer's defect in the material or workmanship, we'll make it right.  All of our jewelries is covered under a limited lifetime warranty.  It's important to note that this policy does not apply to broken chains and metals, metal stain dirt (which usually can be clean, please check our cleaning suggestions or do message us), stone falloff, etc.  While Xandrea Premium has sole discretion to determine manufacturer's defects, we promise to always have our customer's best interest at heart.  

Please note, a standard warranty fee will typically apply.  Xandrea Premium reserves the right to determine this cost.  If you are making a claim on a jewelry design that is no longer available, Xandrea Premium reserves the right to send you a pair with a similar design and fit.

This warranty applies only to residents of the United States and Philippines. For international warranty claims, please contact us.