Xandrea | Premium

Our passion is expressed by collecting extraordinary jewel piece with premium quality. We want to establish a brand with quality products that are worth your money. A brand that can be recognized as premium yet with decent prices, enough to cover our efforts, time spent, and support our virtual store website. 



We are fond of jewelry in minimalist modern fancy design. It feels like you are special and beautiful with that jewelry on. We usually collect zircon stones and pearls with silver metals jewelry which is not expensive as real diamonds yet the diamond presence were still there making the jewelry looks gorgeous and expensive. Yet preserved its metal shines in a long time without changing its color with S925 silver material electroplated with 18k gold.



Every piece is handmade and all materials are handpicked and meticulously quality controlled. We’re perfectionists when it comes to the quality of your jewelry. Everything we use is meticulously hand-selected and ethically sourced. Our jewelry is carefully crafted to achieve each detail design., but sold at a fraction of the price.